Egypt Awaits

I’ve been the worst blogger ever and haven’t done an update in what feels like months. This, despite the fact that tons has happened–I ended my job, finished up my research, moved out of my apartment and moved in with friends for the next two weeks until I leave for the states on August 13. Tomorrow morning I leave for Egypt with a friend so I figured it’s a good time to FINALLY catch people up.

Basically the summer ended really well. I finally interviewed some Iraqi refugees for my research, which was sort of the last missing piece. I think I found out some really interesting information that I will be able to write into a really great senior essay.

Work also ended well, with me writing five articles for the August issue including one on a group of Iranian Kurdish refugees between the Jordanian and Iraqi borders. I was able to interview two of the refugees over the phone and it was a different sort of piece than what I usually write.

I moved out of my apartment and said goodbye to my super sweet and accommodating landlord Musa. This was a guy who let us pay rent like eight days late on a regular basis and did only the most cursory check of the apartment to give us back our deposit. Visiting him everyday in his grocery store next door is one of the things I’ll miss about this summer for sure.

Now I’m living with my friend here in Amman and enjoying finally not having ten things to do every day and not having to clean or worry about what I’m going to eat or deal with my disgusting toilet and laundry machine. We leave for the airport in just a few hours and I really can’t wait. Egypt’s going to be incredibly hot and crowded and crazy but it’ll be way worth it to see it before heading back. It’s the fifth country I’ve seen on this incredible six-month journey and I think it’ll be a great end to this experience.

Miss you all!



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