Ten days of Greece!

I think trying to talk about my vacation in Greece would just come out really inane and boring, so I’ll just post some pictures instead:

IMG_1740The Erecthion at the Acropolis–statues of the four Caryatids

IMG_1765Hilarious changing of the guards at the Parliament in Athens

IMG_1788The Communist Party easily had the biggest poster budget of any party in Greece. Their signs were everywhere.

IMG_1805We walked into some sort of protest or march necessitating a ton of police around the Parliament on one of our last nights in Athens.

IMG_1831At Delphi.


Also at Delphi, the site of the Oracle. (Maybe?? We weren’t really sure and only found out later that the Oracle is an actual PERSON.) Also I think I’ve reached my lifetime quota of ancient ruins.

IMG_1857The beautiful quaint little village of Oia, on the island of Santorini, where we stayed for the last half of our trip.


Oia at night

So yeah, basically it was amazing and so relaxing and fun, but at the same time we saw all the main sights and hiked a bunch and even climbed a volcano. Outside our hotel was a Syrian woman who sold us donuts each morning and gave both of us a chance to practice our Arabic. We ate lots of gyros (apologies to the environment but I just can’t be vegetarian on vacation) and tried to avoid being run over by those stupid little motorcycles all the Greeks ride, and I rode on ferries for the first time ever. But being back in Jordan feels fantastic and it’s nice to be back in my own apartment again.



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One response to “Ten days of Greece!

  1. Jeremy

    The oracle’s a person?!?!?!?!

    PS turns out our friend with the moustache on all those posters might be a pretty sweet dude. His party tied for most MPs in the elections

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