Superhero in Amman

For my latest piece in Jo Magazine, I interviewed and profiled Johnny Amore, a German artist visiting Amman for a few weeks. He just left and the piece was just published, so I thought I’d post a link to his blog. He’s been traveling around the city dressed in a superhero outfit, talking with shopowners, giving workshops to kids, and investigating some issues he’s interested in, like: What is behind the incredibly annoying song the propane trucks blare around the city? Why does everyone seem to have tissues with them at all times, in all locations? And why are there so many cats roaming Amman’s streets? Johnny’s all-around a really positive personality and his blog is a lot of fun:


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  1. Ammu H.


    Tell me more about the Market of the Thieves. Was there alot of cool stuff there?
    How are the Iraqi refugees looked at, and treated, by the Jordanians? Are they getting any assistance from the Jordanian government? UN?
    Is there any restrictions put on them by the government for working in Jordan, like a work permit?
    Do you know if there is any major move toward going back to Iraq by the refugees themselves?

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