An afternoon at the salon

Yesterday I went to a salon in Amman to get all my grooming issues fixed…it was desperate. The chlorine in the water has turned my hair from soft, thick curls (yes it was awesome and I’m not afraid to say it) into basically a Brillo pad. I had to tie it up every day because it just looked so bad. So I had an oil treatment and got the dry ends cut off, and it’s still dry, but it’s a world of difference. I’m going back every week for the next three weeks, and then once a month after that, just to get it back where it was. Luckily salon work is really cheap here so it’s no big deal.

I also had my entire face threaded. The last time I did this was two years ago in Iran, so there was quite a lot to be done, and the owner of the salon kept walking over and pointing out new spots the salon worker had missed. I sort of kept grimacing and laughing when I really wanted to cry because it hurt so much…hahah. For those of you who don’t know what threading is, it’s basically a Middle Eastern hair removal technique that uses just a thread. The threader ties a knot in the thread and moves it over the hair to rip it out. It doesn’t really hurt most places, but on the upper lip and jaw line it tickles and burns at the same time. I have no tolerance for pain, so don’t take my word for it–my mom says she thinks of it as a massage so take that for what it’s worth.

Anyway because I kept flinching and being a big baby, I eventually found myself under the hands of four women holding me down and turning my face this way and that while one of them ran this thread across my skin. It was…hilarious? Embarrassing? Take your pick. By the end my eyeliner was running down my cheeks as a result of me squeezing my eyes shut so hard. Anyway now all my business is in order so it was worth it. The salon owner kept pressuring me to do my arms as well, which was weird because they’re not really that hairy. I sort of laughed it off and declined because I just don’t agree with women removing every single bit of hair on their bodies. I’m also incredibly lazy and don’t really keep up with this stuff that well so the less I have to do the better.

Oh and Jo Magazine finally got a decent Web site with recent articles!! So here’s a link to the profile I wrote of a local artist.



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