Greece is the time

I’ve done no work tonight and have instead commenced planning my trip to Greece with Jeremy at the end of the semester. I absolutely cannot wait. It’s going to be spectacular: backpacking across a beautiful country with one of my best guy friends.

Obviously we’re devoting at least one day to Athens, and a couple days to Crete, and perhaps Santorini and Delphi, and more stuff as I figure out what is available. I’m all about the ruins and beaches and good weather and good food so Greece is perfect for a little break before work starts.

Before Greece I have about six days filled with nothing, and the only thing I really have to accomplish is get all my stuff to Beirut. I’m planning on having housing set up by then, but if not, I’ll just arrive in Beirut a few days early and scour the AUB campus for flyers advertising open rooms/apartments. If things are already sorted out, I’ll spend a few days in Syria, then take a bus to Beirut with all my crap and move in, then fly to Greece and back, and then start work. I’m typing all this and still not believing that it’s actually going to happen. It’s going to be epic.

This week and last has been midterm week and to put it mildly, I think I’m going to survive. The academic expectations are just not what I’m used to, giving me a whole lot of time for work and hanging out and of course updating all 12 of my wonderful readers on my exploits. I keep trying to find the “catch” in studying abroad and I just don’t get why more Yale kids don’t do it: travel, learn a language, meet awesome people, see new things, stress out a lot less than usual, and all for cheaper than your tuition at home.




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  1. Marjan

    I’m glad you’ve got everything planned out because I get dizzy just reading about it. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

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