Article ideas I should have thought of

Global Post, which is fast becoming my biggest source of international news and my best job prospect next year, ran an article a couple days ago on the dating scene in Jordan. It was perhaps not the most groundbreaking article, basically saying that young people in the Middle East have more liberal values and are finding ways to circumvent their parents’ rules and standards, and slowly society’s opening up to the idea of dating and partying. But it did feature some familiar Amman places: La Calle, the expensive Italian restaurant/bar, and Books@Cafe, a bookstore and coffeeshop, both on Rainbow Street.

Things here have been pretty good, but nothing super interesting has happened to merit a post. Lots of work, as always, but I’m getting somewhere real with my research so that’s one less thing to worry about. I talked to a woman who works at an international relief agency, and she was very candid about how the Jordanian government’s policy toward Iraqi refugees has sort of forced NGOs to operate in the gray area of the law, meaning sort of break the rules in order to provide for the Iraqi refugees here. This means providing them informal education outside of the school system and finding them jobs that pay cash only, among other things. It was just interesting to hear how a government’s policies are forcing these very established organizations to participate in some shady activities just to provide necessary services, and I think I may change the focus of my paper to encompass that angle fully.

This weekend I’m taking it easy and getting ahead on work, because next weekend is a two-day trip to Petra, and the weekend after that is the start of spring break, so I’d like to get most of my work done beforehand.

Oh, and finally, I’ve realized why my hair is dying in Jordan: they put chlorine in the water. So I’m essentially taking a shower in a swimming pool every day.



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  1. Interesting Read! Very detailed blog.
    Thanks for sharing

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