This is a big deal to me and possibly no one else

I made it home today from work to home (mid-East Amman to far West Amman) spending less than a dinar! And all it took was the help of three police officers, a service taxi, a bus, and a regular taxi, and about an hour and a half of my evening.  I’m super proud because I hate hate hate having to spend 3 JD on a cab three days a week just to get home.

Everything else is good. Sometimes when things go bad, everything goes bad, and when things get good, everything gets good. All my interviews are magically clicking into place. My story for the next issue is on smoking in Jordan. The Ministry of Health just announced a new ban on smoking in malls and airports, and in fact Jordan ranks 10th in the world in the number of laws it has against smoking. Yet…everyone smokes. Everywhere. There are ashtrays underneath “No Smoking” signs. So I’m interviewing MoH people about their latest efforts, anti-smoking activists, researchers, and smokers themselves, trying to figure out why despite all government efforts smoking is still so popular. (Big clue so far: prices!)

And this weekend is Aqaba! The weather here has been absolutely terrible: freezing cold and constantly wet. So we’re escaping to the south, where it’s supposed to be a lovely 75 degrees all weekend.

I may (cross all your fingers on this one and say a HUGE insha’allah) be staying at the American University in Beirut dorms this summer while I’m working at the Daily Star. My colleague at the magazine, this awesome girl Hanin who I spend copious amounts of time talking to instead of, you know, working, graduated from AUB and told me who to e-mail about housing this summer. She said she remembers it being about ten dollars a night. That would be pretty fantastic–$300 a month for a single with a shared bathroom and kitchen, all utilities paid, and maybe even furnished. I don’t need anything fancy–just a place to stash my stuff and crash at night and make food. And AUB is near the Daily Star, I believe, so I could even walk to work, which would be a dream. And AUB looks like this. And has its own beach. I’m seriously afraid that I may not want to come back to Yale for my senior year, that I’ll just fall in love with Lebanon and stay there forever. Would that be so bad?



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  1. molly

    sounds amazing!!

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