Snow Day

It’s been a week of pretty terrible weather with few exceptions. But school got canceled today because of the snow, and I keep telling myself that this is good for Jordan. But it’s so hard to make myself do anything when it’s like this outside except sit in bed and alternately nap and read and do homework, and I really want to be out and seeing stuff and going places.


I’m not even going to work today, literally phoning it in and scheduling my interviews from home. The most I could muster was to go to CityMall and Carrefour (the Eastern hemisphere’s version of Walmart) with Katie and buy some much-needed grapefruit. On our wait for the taxi, this passed through our neighborhood:


I find myself getting caught up in the day-in, day-out of things and losing track of time, so I made a list of all the places in Jordan I want to make sure I see no matter what:

  • Aqaba (beach-resort area)
  • Irbid and Umm Qais (one trip)
  • Salt
  • Jerash (lots of ancient ruins) and Ajloun (more ruins)
  • Desert castles in eastern Jordan
  • Petra
  • Wadi Rum
  • Dana National Reserve

Basically, I hate to admit it, but Amman is getting a little dull. In a lot of ways it doesn’t feel like an authentic city. It’s really modern, which I guess is good and hard to come by, but it’s almost fake modern. Like, there are ritzy hotels and restaurants but no drainage system in the streets. And I live in a really expensive area, but my neighborhood has no sidewalks and is right behind a huge car factory. And there doesn’t seem to be any unique characteristic to the city, other than that all the buildings are white. It’s obvious there’s lots of money flowing around, but it doesn’t seem to be spread very evenly or be very well spent. All this criticism is to say that as soon as the weather permits I’m going to start getting out of Amman as much as possible.



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