And we finally make it to the Dead Sea

Busy weekend so far. A couple nights ago one of the students had a birthday party, and yesterday about five of us made a trek to the Dead Sea, despite warnings of snow and rain. The weather actually wasn’t that bad–a little cold, so I didn’t swim, but it was pleasant enough. I’ll probably go back in May so I can swim and do the whole mud-bath thing.

We started out from Alec’s apartment in Jebel Amman, trying to get a taxi to the bus station. Either by coincidence or by design, all the cab drivers were adamant that there are no buses to the Dead Sea on Fridays, and offered to take the five of us for 15 JD. Our guidebooks told us different, so we just insisted that they take us to the Muhajireen bus station, where we immediately found a bus labeled “Amman–Dead Sea” and paid .6 JD each for the thirty minute ride.

When we got to the bus station we were hungry, so we ate at the only restaurant nearby, which was surprisingly expensive for the lack of decor/suspicious hygiene standards inside. Next time, and on any trip in general, it probably would be better to pack a lunch.

We got a cab to the Dead Sea, about 5 km away, and got dropped off at Amman Beach, the cheap, public beach in the area. There are also private beaches at the hotels, like Marriott and Movenpick. The public beach cost 8 JD to get in with a Jordanian residency card, 12 JD without.

Some famous prophet was here

Some famous prophet was here

There we swam, took pictures, bought souvenirs, and unfortunately had to take a cab back to Amman because there were no more buses. It had also started raining by this time, and by the time we got to Amman it was pouring. The drainage system in the streets here isn’t so great, really doesn’t exist at all, so all the cars just sort of eased along, hoping their engines didn’t flood, and the streets looked like shallow rivers. Katie and I finally managed to get home after ten minutes on the street looking for a cab, and I immediately took a hot shower, drank some tea, and fell asleep at 9 o’clock.

So now I’m just in bed, I’ll probably get up soon and start my day. I bought “Waltz with Bashir” and “Waking Life” on DVD for one JD apiece, so I think I’ll watch those today at some point. It’s supposed to snow today, so I’m hoping that means school will be canceled tomorrow, in which case we might go to Jerash, about thirty minutes away. Jordan’s so small, and the east of Jordan is just desert, so everything’s basically thirty minutes away from Amman. A friend I made here offered to take me to Jerash for breakfast, and they also have all sorts of ancient ruins there, so Katie and I might do that.



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