Wandering Around The Second Circle

So, good news: I got an internship! I’ll be working for JO Magazine, a monthly cultural and news magazine here in Amman. I’ll be working about fifteen hours a week both at their office and on my own time, and that in addition to my four classes, exploring a new city, and all the little side trips I want to take, ensure that I’ll be very busy this semester. I have a tendency to overload myself, but I’ve found there’s no better way to get to know a place than by writing about it, so I think this means I’ll get to know (and hopefully love) Amman.

I got the chance to walk around for a bit today before and after my interview, so I explored Second Circle and its surrounding streets and found a Lebanese pastry shop that sells pizzas and sandwiches too. Amman’s organized by circles, or roundabouts. Nobody knows street names, so you just learn to get around by landmarks, and the circles are really important ones.

Went to Falafel Al-Quds yesterday on Rainbow Street, this really famous little falafel stand. I’m always hungry here–scratch what I said earlier about the plentiful vegetarian food. Everything is shawerma and mansaf (a traditional Jordanian dish, of course with meat) and surprisingly few falafel places actually exist. Luckily tomorrow I go to my homestay family, and they already know I’m vegetarian.

We went to the American Embassy yesterday, and I asked one of the staff if I would have an easier time getting into Syria if I showed them my Iranian passport instead of the American one. He said I definitely would, so I think I’m going to plan a weekend trip to Syria for February or March. A few of the kids and I are thinking about using our two-week spring break for a grand tour of India, staying with the family of one of the students in Mumbai and taking trains and planes all over the country. I know someone working in Delhi, too, and I’ve always wanted to see India. It’s about 330 JD, or 500 US dollars, for a round trip ticket on Royal Jordanian, which is probably the cheapest it’s ever going to be for me to get to India.

Alica mentioned this today, and it makes a lot of sense: once you start traveling it’s really an addiction. I just want to see more and more places, and it’s hard to stop and think about the limiting factors, like time and money.

We just got back from Mecca Mall, which is a five-story shopping center, full of sunglasses shops, grocery stores, and one fashionable, pricey store after another. Today every store was having a sale, so Alica and I got some shoes. They have a Forever 21 here! Weird.



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  1. Marjan

    Hey June, Congrats on your internship.
    Does JO Magazine have a website? I tried to google it but didn’t find a direct link to it.

    Grocery stores in the mall, now that’s a good idea!

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