Arrival in Jordan: Jetlag, hunger…and Fairuz!

I got to Jordan around 4 pm local time yesterday. I had a direct flight from Chicago, and it was basically empty, so I stretched out on two seats and slept almost the entire way here. For my first solo international flight, things went really easily. The visa process was a complete breeze. It took about five minutes and cost me 10 JD (Jordanian Dinar), or 15 bucks or so. I got my bags and was greeted by the study-abroad people.

Now I’m at the hotel, with a fair bit of jet lag. It’s 5 am here and I’m already showered and dressed, sitting in the lobby using the internet, with a ravenous appetite. I haven’t had a real meal in about 48 hours, or whenever was the last meal I had at home. Breakfast opens at 6:30, and I guarantee I will be the first one down.

I can’t really say much about Amman yet–I haven’t experienced anything here. They drove us straight from the airport to the hotel and we saw just a little bit of the city from the van window. I think today CIEE is giving us a tour of the city. Also, blood tests! To get longer than a one-month visa in Jordan, you have to prove that you’re not diseased, so that’s on the schedule for this week as well.

Oh my goodness–I’ve been sitting in this hotel lobby for a couple hours now, Skyping and facebook-chatting away, and “Habeytak Bi Sayf,” by the famous Lebanese singer Fairuz, just came on the radio! Anyone who has taken the first year of Arabic with Al-Kitaab knows what I’m talking about. This is definitely a good omen. Check her out here:

Until later, ma’a salaama (with peace)! Next time I’ll post some pictures. Oh yeah, it’s 60 degrees here. Hah!




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5 responses to “Arrival in Jordan: Jetlag, hunger…and Fairuz!

  1. Molly + Ben

    “Marisa pooped in your bed” <— from Ben

    "We miss you!" <— from both of us

  2. Massoud

    Hi June, we miss you a lot. Have fun. Talk to you soon. BTW, how was breakfast?

  3. Marjan

    Hi June,

    Can’t wait to see pictures of Amman, and your new family.

  4. Desiree

    Hey, June…lol (about Fairouz)…
    Good luck in Amman, and enjoy the 60 degree weather, grumble-grumble-grumble…

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